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Please help, I'm lost! I'm calculating the difference between two Fahrenheit degrees 55F - 37F = 18 F
Now if I converted the degrees to Celsius before subtracting then we get 12.78C - 2.78 =10C
How is that possible when 18F does not equal 10C. Could yo please explain

Correct answer:

d =  18 °F
c =  10 °C
c2 =  18 °F

Step-by-step explanation:

t1=55 °F t2=37 °F  d=t1t2=5537=18°F
T1=(t132) 95=(5532) 95=911512.7778 °C T2=(t232) 95=(3732) 95=9252.7778 °C  c=T1T2=12.77782.7778=10°C
c2=59 c=59 10=18°F

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For temperature intervals rather than specific temperatures, 1 °F = 5/9 °C


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