Pearl wants to buy grass seed to cover her whole lawn with dimensions 7 x 11 meters, except for the pool. The pool is 5 3/4m by 3 1/2 m. Find the area the grass seed needs to cover.

Correct answer:

A =  56 78 = 455/8 m2

Step-by-step explanation:

x=7 m y=11 m  S1=x y=7 11=77 m2  a=543=5+43=45 4+3=420+3=423=5.75 m b=321=3+21=23 2+1=26+1=27=3.5 m  S2=a b=423 27=4 223 7=8161=20.125 m2  A=S1S2=778161=877 88161=86168161=8616161=8455=8455 m2=5687 m2=56.875 m2

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