The temperature 33

The temperature in Baguio City was 18.6 degrees Celsius, while in Tagaytay City was 22.5 degrees Celsius. What was the estimated difference between the two cities' temperatures?

A. 6 degree celcius
B. 5 degree celcius
C. 4 degree celcius
D. 3 degree celcius

Correct answer:

s = C

Step-by-step explanation:

t1=18.6 °C t2=22.5 °C Δ=t2t1=22.518.6=1039=3109=3.9 °C Δ2=[Δ]=[3.9]=4 °C  s=x=C=0

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Ron's house in Baguio had a temperature of 12°C last December. He put the heating on and the temperature rose by 8°C. As he was still cold, Ron decided to light a fire which increased the temperature by a further 11 deg C * What was the temperature in the house now?

Answer the following questions.

1.What is asked in the problem? 2. What are the given facts in the problem?

3. What operations will you used to solve the problem?

4. Carry out the Plan. Determine the operation to be used.

5. Show your solution and the final answer.

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