Melanie invests a total of $21,500 in two accounts. The first account earned a rate of return of 15% (after a year). However, the second account suffered a 10% loss in the same time period. At the end of one year, the total amount of money gained was $225.00. How much was invested into each account?

Correct answer:

a =  9500 USD
b =  12000 USD

Step-by-step explanation:

a+b=21500 0.15a0.10b=225  a+b=21500 0.15 a0.10 b=225  a+b=21500 0.15a0.1b=225  Row20.15000000000001 Row1Row2 a+b=21500 0.25b=3000  b=0.253000=12000 a=21500b=2150012000=9500=9500 USD  a=9500 b=12000

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