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A teacher checked two sets of test papers. The first set took 3 3/4 hours. The second took 1 1/2 hours, and the third took 2 3/5 hours. How much faster did the teacher check the third set than the first and second?

Correct answer:

r1 =  1 2352 = 75/52
r2 =  15/26

Step-by-step explanation:

a=343=3+43=43 4+3=412+3=415=3.75 b=121=1+21=21 2+1=22+1=23=1.5 c=253=2+53=52 5+3=510+3=513=2.6  r1=a/c=415/513=415:513=415 135=4 1315 5=5275=15223=1.4423
r2=b/c=23/513=23:513=23 135=2 133 5=2615=0.5769

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