Mathematicians 11761

The top five mathematicians in the class took on the teacher's help calculating the paper's average grade. They dictated the following results:
Mischa: "I came up with 3.30. "
Dasha: "That's weird because it worked out precisely 3.45. "
Jana: "You probably can't count because I think it's 2.94. And I also didn't round. "
Roman: "I checked it three times, and I got 3.44. Damian: "Interesting, I only got 2.60. "
Thirty students wrote, no one received a five, and only two students received a four. One of the results was correct. Who dictated the right result?

Correct answer:


Step-by-step explanation:

n=30 n1 a+2 b+3 (nab2)+4 2 = p 1 a+2 b+3 (30ab2)+4 2 = n p  n   p  N  MISO: 1 a+2 b+3 (30ab2)+4 2 = 99 a,b / N DASA: 1 a+2 b+3 (30ab2)+4 2 = 103.5 JANA: 1 a+2 b+3 (30ab2)+4 2 = 88.2 ROMAN: 1 a+2 b+3 (30ab2)+4 2 = 103.2  DAMIAN: 1 a+2 b+3 (30ab2)+4 2 = 78  a1=0, b1=14 a2=1, b2=12 a3=2, b3=10 a4=3, b4=8 a5=4, b5=6 a6=5, b6=4 a7=6, b7=2 a8=7, b8=0  x=DAMIAN

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