Mom walked out to visit her grandmother in a neighboring village 5km away and moved at a speed of 4km/h. An hour later, father drove down the same road at an average speed of 64km/h.

1) How long will it take to catch Mom?
2) What is the approximate distance in meter meters? (round to an integer)

Correct answer:

t =  4 min
s =  4267 m

Step-by-step explanation:

4·(1+t/60) = 64·t/60

60t = 240

t = 240/60 = 4

t = 4

Our simple equation calculator calculates it.
s1=64 t/60=64 4/60=15644.2667 km s=s1 m=s1 1000  m=4.2667 1000  m=4267 m=4267 m

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