Foot area

Which animal will leave deeper footstep: an elephant weighing 5 tons with a total foot area of 0.5 square meters, or a gazelle weighing 10 kg and a foot area of 50 cm square?


x = (Correct answer is: G) Wrong answer

Step-by-step explanation:

m1=5 t kg=5 1000  kg=5000 kg S1=0.5 m2  m2=10 kg S2=50 cm2 m2=50:10000  m2=0.005 m2  g=10 m/s2  p1=m1 g/S1=5000 10/0.5=100000 Pa p2=m2 g/S2=10 10/0.005=20000 Pa  p2>p1  x=G

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