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Three tractor drivers working on a private farm together played 24 hectares of land in a shift. The first drive played half the second, and the second 4 hectares more than the third. Calculate the number of hectares played by the first, second and third.

Correct answer:

a =  5.6 ha
b =  11.2 ha
c =  7.2 ha

Step-by-step explanation:

a+b+c=24 a=b/2 b=4+c  a+b+c=24 2ab=0 bc=4  Pivot:Row1Row2 2ab=0 a+b+c=24 bc=4  Row221 Row1Row2 2ab=0 1.5b+c=24 bc=4  Row31.51 Row2Row3 2ab=0 1.5b+c=24 1.667c=12  c=1.6666666712=7.2 b=1.524c=1.5247.2=11.2 a=20+b=20+11.2=5.6  a=528=5.6 b=556=11.2 c=536=7.2

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