The marked

The marked price of the item was P62.50. At a seasonal sale, a discount was given 20% discount, leaving the dealer a profit of 14 2/7 % of the cost of each item. Find the profit and the cost price.

Correct answer:

p =  7 17 = 50/7 P
c =  42 67 = 300/7 P

Step-by-step explanation:

a=62.50 d=20%=10020=51=0.2 R=1472=14+72=714 7+2=798+2=710014.2857 % r=R/100=7100/100=7 100100=700100=710.1429  b=ad a=62.50.2 62.5=50 P  p=r b=71 50=71 50=750=750 P=771 P=7.1429 P
c=bp=50750=750 7750=7350750=735050=7300=7300 P=42.8571 P

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