Manufacturing company

It is established by the production manager of a manufacturing company that 2 out of every 20 units of a particular product are faulty. In a particular production hour, 8 units of the product were produced. Determine the probability that:
(1) none of them is faulty
(2) At most four of them are faulty
(3) More than 3 of them are faulty
(4) exactly 2 of them are faulty

Correct answer:

a =  0.4305
b =  0.9996
c =  0.005
d =  0.1488

Step-by-step explanation:

n=8 p=202=101=0.1  a0=(0n)p0(1p)n0=(08)0.10(10.1)80=10.100.980.4305 a1=(1n)p1(1p)n1=(18)0.11(10.1)81=80.110.970.3826 a2=(2n)p2(1p)n2=(28)0.12(10.1)82=280.120.960.1488 a3=(3n)p3(1p)n3=(38)0.13(10.1)83=560.130.950.0331 a4=(4n)p4(1p)n4=(48)0.14(10.1)84=700.140.940.0046  a=a0=0.4305

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