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The height and radius of a cylinder are 25 ft and 5 ft, respectively. What is the surface area?

Correct answer:

A =  942.4778 ft2

Step-by-step explanation:

h=25 ft r=5 ft  A1=π r2=3.1416 5278.5398 ft2 A2=2π r h=2 3.1416 5 25785.3982 ft2  A=2 A1+A2=2 78.5398+785.3982=942.4778 ft2

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Math student
Given: r=5 ft,  h=25ft
Formula: 2πr(r+h)
= 2×3.14×5ft(5ft+25ft)

Formula: 2πrh+2πr²
=2×3.14×5ft×25ft + 2×3.14×5²
=785ft² + 157ft²

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