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How much energy was supplied by the flywheel of the device if its number of revolutions decreased from 1200 to 720 revolutions per minute if it has a moment of inertia of 71.3 kg/m2?

Correct answer:

W =  360295.8304 J

Step-by-step explanation:

r1=1200 rpm r2=720 rpm  ω1=2π 60r1=2 3.1416 601200125.6637 rad/s ω2=2π 60r2=2 3.1416 6072075.3982 rad/s  I=71.3 kg/m2  E1=21 I ω12=21 71.3 125.66372562962.235 J E2=21 I ω22=21 71.3 75.39822202666.4046 J  W=E1E2=562962.235202666.4046=360295.8304 J3.603105 J

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