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When modifying the school plot in the shape of a rectangle, the deviation was calculated if we increased the length and width of the plot by 1m and its area by 22 m2. If we reduce the length of the plot by 2m and increase its width by 1m, its area will decrease by 5m2. What is the size of the school grounds?

Correct answer:

S =  104 m2

Step-by-step explanation:

S=ab (a+1) (b+1) = S+22 (a2) (b+1) = S5  a2+2ab+b2 = ab+22 ab+a2b2 = ab5  ab+a2b2 = ab5 a2b2 =5 a = 2b3  (2b3+1) (b+1) = (2b3) b+22 2b22 = 2 b2  3 b + 22  2=3 b+22  2=3 b+22  3b=24  b=324=8  b=8  a=2 b3=2 83=13 m  S=a b=13 8=104  Verifying Solution:   S1=(a+1) (b+1)=(13+1) (8+1)=126 m2 S2=(a2) (b+1)=(132) (8+1)=99 m2

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