Roman numerals 2+

Add up the number writtens in Roman numerals. Write the results as a roman numbers.


DCCLXXXVIII + DCCLXVII = (Correct answer is: MDLV) Wrong answer
CCXXII + CMLXVIII = (Correct answer is: MCXC) Wrong answer
DXXXIV + DCCCLXV = (Correct answer is: MCCCXCIX) Wrong answer
CCCLXXXIV + CMXCVII = (Correct answer is: MCCCLXXXI) Wrong answer
DCCXLVII + CCLXII = (Correct answer is: MIX) Wrong answer
DVIII + CMXXVIII = (Correct answer is: MCDXXXVI) Wrong answer
DCCCLXXX + DCCLXXXVII = (Correct answer is: MDCLXVII) Wrong answer
CDXXVIII + DCXCII = (Correct answer is: MCXX) Wrong answer
CCCLXXV + DCCXCI = (Correct answer is: MCLXVI) Wrong answer
CDXXXVIII + CXXXVIII = (Correct answer is: DLXXVI) Wrong answer


DCCLXXXVIII + DCCLXVII = 788 + 767 = 1555 = MDLV
CCXXII + CMLXVIII = 222 + 968 = 1190 = MCXC
DXXXIV + DCCCLXV = 534 + 865 = 1399 = MCCCXCIX
CCCLXXXIV + CMXCVII = 384 + 997 = 1381 = MCCCLXXXI
DCCXLVII + CCLXII = 747 + 262 = 1009 = MIX
DVIII + CMXXVIII = 508 + 928 = 1436 = MCDXXXVI
CDXXVIII + DCXCII = 428 + 692 = 1120 = MCXX
CCCLXXV + DCCXCI = 375 + 791 = 1166 = MCLXVI
CDXXXVIII + CXXXVIII = 438 + 138 = 576 = DLXXVI

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