Roman numerals 2-

Subtract up the number written in Roman numerals. Write the results as Roman numbers.


CCCLXIV - LIX = (Correct answer is: CCCV) Wrong answer
CLXXXVII - XCIX = (Correct answer is: LXXXVIII) Wrong answer
CMLXI - DLXII = (Correct answer is: CCCXCIX) Wrong answer
CCCXXVI - XXVI = (Correct answer is: CCC) Wrong answer
CCXLIII - CCXXX = (Correct answer is: XIII) Wrong answer
CDLXXVI - CXXXI = (Correct answer is: CCCXLV) Wrong answer
DCCCVI - DCCLXXI = (Correct answer is: XXXV) Wrong answer
CDX - CCCLXX = (Correct answer is: XL) Wrong answer
CCCXCVI - CIV = (Correct answer is: CCXCII) Wrong answer
CDLXIII - CLXVIII = (Correct answer is: CCXCV) Wrong answer

Step-by-step explanation:

CCCLXIV - LIX = 364 - 59 = 305 = CCCV
CLXXXVII - XCIX = 187 - 99 = 88 = LXXXVIII
CMLXI - DLXII = 961 - 562 = 399 = CCCXCIX
CCCXXVI - XXVI = 326 - 26 = 300 = CCC
CCXLIII - CCXXX = 243 - 230 = 13 = XIII
CDLXXVI - CXXXI = 476 - 131 = 345 = CCCXLV
DCCCVI - DCCLXXI = 806 - 771 = 35 = XXXV
CDX - CCCLXX = 410 - 370 = 40 = XL
CCCXCVI - CIV = 396 - 104 = 292 = CCXCII
CDLXIII - CLXVIII = 463 - 168 = 295 = CCXCV

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Math student
This one was bad they should of put practice of roman numerals not just the problem


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