Sort fractions
z1=611;z2=1021;z3=1922z1 =\dfrac{ 6}{ 11}; z2 =\dfrac{ 10}{ 21}; z3 =\dfrac{ 19}{ 22}
by its size. Result write as three serial numbers 1,2,3.


n(z1):  2
n(z2):  1
n(z3):  3


z1=611=252462=0.545454545455 z2=1021=220462=0.47619047619 z3=1922=399462=0.863636363636  220462252462399462 10216111922z_1 =\dfrac{ 6}{ 11} = \dfrac{ 252}{ 462} = 0.545454545455 \ \\ z_2 =\dfrac{ 10}{ 21} = \dfrac{ 220}{ 462} = 0.47619047619 \ \\ z_3 =\dfrac{ 19}{ 22} = \dfrac{ 399}{ 462} = 0.863636363636 \ \\ \ \\ \dfrac{ 220 }{ 462} \leq \dfrac{ 252 }{ 462} \leq \dfrac{ 399 }{ 462} \ \\ \dfrac{ 10}{ 21} \leq \dfrac{ 6}{ 11} \leq \dfrac{ 19}{ 22}

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