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The 150t aircraft takes off at a speed of 288km/h and, after a while, reaches a speed of 900km/h. Determine the change in the kinetic energy of the aircraft.

Correct answer:

E =  4207.5 MJ

Step-by-step explanation:

m=150 t kg=150 1000  kg=150000 kg v1=288 km/h m/s=288:3.6  m/s=80 m/s v2=900 km/h m/s=900:3.6  m/s=250 m/s  E1=21 m (v22v12)=21 150000 (2502802)=4207500000 J E=E1/106=4207500000/106=28415 MJ=4207.5 MJ

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