Inelastic/plastic 81907

Two inelastic/plastic balls move towards each other with equal velocities of 2 m/s. The weight of one ball is 3kg, the other 1kg. Determine the speed of the balls after the collision and the loss of kinetic energy.

Correct answer:

v =  1 m/s
E =  6 J

Step-by-step explanation:

v1=2 m/s v2=v1=2 m/s m1=3 kg m2=1 kg  Σ h = 0  m1 v1  m2 v2 = (m1+m2) v  v=m1+m2m1 v1m2 v2=3+13 21 2=1 m/s
E1=21 m1 v12=21 3 22=6 J E2=21 m2 v22=21 1 22=2 J  E3=21 (m1+m2) v2=21 (3+1) 12=2 J  E=E1+E2E3=6+22=6 J

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