Mother bought 5 boxes of milk and 7 kg of potatoes and paid a total CZK 147. Aunt bought 7 boxes of milk and 3 kg of potatoes and paid 131 CZK. What is the price of one carton of milk and 1 kg of potatoes? How CZK together would have saved if bought at the supermarket, where they have the same price of milk, but the potatoes is 20% cheaper?

Correct answer:

x =  14 Kc
y =  11 Kc
z =  22 Kc

Step-by-step explanation:

5x+7y=147 7x+3y=131  5 x+7 y=147 7 x+3 y=131  5x+7y=147 7x+3y=131  x=14=14 Kc y=11
p=20%=10020=0.2  y2=p y=0.2 11=511=2.2 Kc/kg z=(3+7) y2=(3+7) 2.2=22 Kc

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