How many different ways can three people divide 7 pears and 5 apples?

Correct answer:

x =  756

Step-by-step explanation:

C2(9)=(29)=2!(92)!9!=2198=36 n1=7 n2=5 k=31=2  C2(7)=(27)=2!(72)!7!=2176=21  x1=(kn1+k)=(27+2)=36 x2=(kn2+k)=(25+2)=21  x=x1 x2=36 21=756

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Math student
I think that you mixed up n and k. My understanding is that : n = 3, k1 = 7, k2 = 5

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Math student
shouldn't it be (7 2) and (9 2)?

2 years ago  1 Like
Leilani Sue
Why are (7 3) and (9 3) being multiplied?

its 9 choose 3.... its combinations with repetions - and use formula

Number of ways of dividing 'n' identical objects into 'r' groups such that each group can contain any number of objects is given by:

C( n+k-1,k-1)

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