Before Christmas, Eva bought two cylindrical candles - red and green. Red was 1 cm longer than green. She lit a red candle on Christmas Day at 5:30 PM, lit a green candle at 7:00 PM, and left them on fire until it burned. At 9:30 PM, both candles were the same height. Green finished at 23:00, and red at 23:30.

How tall was the red candle when it was new?

Correct answer:

c =  15 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

z1=c (23.5017.50) v1=c (23.0019.00) v2=z (21.5017.50) v1=(21.5019.00) v2  cz=1 c6v1=0 4v2z=0 4v12.5v2=0  Row2Row1Row2 cz=1 6v1+z=1 4v2z=0 4v12.5v2=0  Row464 Row2Row4 cz=1 6v1+z=1 4v2z=0 2.5v2+0.6667z=0.6667  Row442.5 Row3Row4 cz=1 6v1+z=1 4v2z=0 0.0417z=0.6667  z=0.041666670.66666667=16 v2=40+z=40+16=4 v1=61z=6116=2.5 c=1+z=1+16=15=15 cm  c=15 v1=25=2.5 v2=4 z=16   Verifying Solution:  x1=(21.5017.50) v1=(21.5017.50) 2.5=10 cm x2=(21.5019.00) v2=(21.5019.00) 4=10 cm

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