Lottery - eurocents

Tereza bets in the lottery and finally wins. She went to the booth to have the prize paid out.
An elderly gentleman beside him wants to buy a newspaper but is missing five cents.
Tereza is in a generous mood after the win, so she gives the man five cents for her success.
When she comes home, Tereza recalculates the money, which is not enough to be amazed.
Although it had an empty wallet before the prize was collected, it now contains twice as much money as it should have been paid out.
Suddenly he realizes what happened. The man at the cash register paid her euros in cents and cents in euros.
How much money did Tereza win?

Correct answer:

e =  31.63 Eur

Step-by-step explanation:

c 100+x5 = 2 (x 100+c) c<100  x=31 c=63  e=x+c/100=31+63/100=1003163=31.63=31.63 Eur   Verifying Solution:  v=c+x/100=63+31/100=1006331=63.31 eur x2=v0.05=63.310.05=503163=63.26 eur x3=x2/2=63.26/2=1003163=31.63

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