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Of the 150 children participating in the ski course, 20 were excellent skiers, 35 were good, 40 were average, and the rest were beginners. Calculate what percentage each skier represents.

Correct answer:

p1 =  13.3333 %
p2 =  23.3333 %
p3 =  26.6667 %
p4 =  36.6667 %

Step-by-step explanation:

n=150  p1=100 n20=100 15020=150100 20=1502000=340%=13.3333%
p2=100 n35=100 15035=150100 35=1503500=370%=23.3333%
p3=100 n40=100 15040=150100 40=1504000=380%=26.6667%

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