Double-track line

A 160 m long passenger train runs on a double-track line in one direction at a constant speed of 54 km/h, and a 240 m long express train in the opposite direction.

a) How fast is the express train if passing the passenger train driver for 6 s?
b) How long does the passenger train pass the express train driver?

Correct answer:

v2 =  90 km/h
t2 =  4 s

Step-by-step explanation:

s1=160 m s2=240 m v1=54 km/h m/s=54:3.6  m/s=15 m/s t1=6 s  s2=(v1+V2) t1 240=(15+V2) 6  6V2=150  V2=25  v2=V2 km/h=V2 3.6  km/h=25 3.6  km/h=90 km/h=90 km/h
s1=(v1+V2) t2  t2=v1+V2s1=15+25160=4 s

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