Wrapping 36303

How much will we pay for wrapping 5 boxes in the shape of a cube with a side length of 80 cm if we count on a margin of 35% for folds? The price for 1 square meter of paper is €2.55. You can only buy whole square meters.

Correct answer:

x =  66.3 Eur

Step-by-step explanation:

n=5 a=80 cm m=80:100  m=0.8 m q=100%+35%=1+10035=1.35  c=2.55 Eur/m2  S1=6 a2=6 0.82=2596=3.84 m2 S2=n q S1=5 1.35 3.84=25648=25.92 m2 S3=S2=25.92=26 m2  x=c S3=2.55 26=66.3 Eur

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