Motorbike circuit

On a 2,550 m long circuit, two motorcycles go at such speeds that they meet every minute if they go against each other and run every 5 minutes if they go in the same direction. Find their speeds.

Correct answer:

v1 =  91.8 km/h
v2 =  61.2 km/h

Step-by-step explanation:

s=2550 m km=2550:1000  km=2.55 km t1=1 min h=1:60  h=0.01667 h t2=5 min h=5:60  h=0.08333 h  s=v1 t1+v2 t1 s=v1 t2v2 t2 2.55=v1 0.016666666666667+v2 0.016666666666667 2.55=v1 0.083333333333333v2 0.083333333333333  0.016667v1+0.016667v2=2.55 0.083333v10.083333v2=2.55  v1=545991.8 km/h v2=530661.2

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