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What is the intensity of the electric field at a point that lies in the middle between two point charges Q1 = 5.10-5 C and Q2 = 7.10-5 C, which is separated by r = 20 cm? The charges are placed in a vacuum.

Correct answer:

E =  10785063.1408 V/m

Step-by-step explanation:

Q1=5 1050.0001 C Q2=7 1050.0001 C ε=8.854187 10128.85421012 F/m  r=20 cm m=20:100  m=0.2 m r2=r/2=51/2=5 21=101=0.1 m  E1=4π ε1 r2Q1=4 3.1416 8.854210121 0.10.00014493776.3087 V/m E2=4π ε1 r2Q2=4 3.1416 8.854210121 0.10.00016291286.8321 V/m  E=E1+E2=68305576789+131824158575=890840030559359+890856042783100=890840030559359+56042783100=890896073342459=10785063.1408 V/m1.079107 V/m

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