Dataset: 35 22 18 54 22 46 28 31 43 22 14 17 25 19 33 14.
1 Group the data into a grouped distribution using 6 classes of equal width.
2. Determine the mean, median, and mode using the raw data.
3. Draw an Ogive curve corresponding to the data and use it to estimate the median (50th percentile).

Correct answer:

m =  27.6875
m2 =  23.5
m3 =  22

Step-by-step explanation:

s=35+22+18+54+22+46+28+31+43+22+14+17+25+19+33+14=443 n=16  m=s/n=443/16=27.6875
d2:14,14,17,18,19,22,22,22,25,28,31,33,35,43,46,54  m2=222+25=247=2321=23.5

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