Tennis aces

The number of aces served by Novak Djokovic in the last 20 tournaments that he has participated in is shown below.
12 17 13 7 8 14 11 14 10 12
15 9 11 13 6 15 18 5 19 24
1.1 using the raw, determine the range.
1.2 Group the data into a frequency distribution with the lowest class limit of 1 ace and the class width of 5 aces.
1.3 Determine the mean number of aces served using the raw data.
1.4 Draw a less than ogive curve corresponding to the data and use it to estimate the median

Correct answer:

r =  19
m =  12.65
f = f

Step-by-step explanation:

min=5 max=24 n=20  r=maxmin=245=19
s=12+17+13+7+8+14+11+14+10+12+15+9+11+13+6+15+18+5+19+24=253  m=ns=20253=122013=12.65
f(15):0 f(610): 6 f(1115): 10 f(1620): 4  f

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