Frequency distribution

The following frequency distribution gives the time spent for a fill-up at a gas station.  Assume that each value in a class is equal to the midpoint of the class.  Estimate the mean fill-up time for the given data.  Please round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

 Time for Fill-Up at Gas Station (In Minutes) Frequency
8.50-9.49 52
9.50-10.49 47
10.50-11.49 22
11.50-12.49 51
12.50-13.49 37

Correct answer:

m =  10.8706 min

Step-by-step explanation:

a=(9.49+8.50)/2=2001799=8.995 min b=(10.49+9.50)/2=2001999=9.995 min c=(11.49+10.50)/2=2002199=10.995 min d=(12.49+11.50)/2=2002399=11.995 min e=(13.49+12.50)/2=2002599=12.995 min  m=52+47+22+51+37a 52+b 47+c 22+d 51+e 37=52+47+22+51+372001799 52+2001999 47+2002199 22+2002399 51+2002599 37=10.8706 min

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