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One kilogram of meat of two colors is 650 g of pork, and the rest is chicken. One kilogram of pork is 40 CZK more expensive than a kilogram of chicken. How many CZK cost one kilogram of chicken meat so that the price of one kilogram of meat of two colors is a maximum of 81 CZK?

Correct answer:

k =  55 Kc/kg

Step-by-step explanation:

V=650 kg K=1000V=1000650=350 kg  v=40+k 81 (K+V)=V v+K k v=40+k 81 (350+650)=650 v+350 k  kv=40 350k+650v=81000  Pivot:Row1Row2 350k+650v=81000 kv=40  Row23501 Row1Row2 350k+650v=81000 2.86v=271.43  v=2.85714286271.42857143=95 k=35081000650v=35081000650 95=55=55 Kc/kg  k=55 v=95

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