Baking bread

When grinding 100 kg of grain, we obtain 75 kg of flour for food purposes, about 23 kg of bran, which has further use, and about 2 kg is waste. 4.5 kg of bread is baked from 4 kg of flour.

a) Baker can bake how many kilograms of bread from 100 kg grain?
b) How many kilograms of grain is needed per 100 kg of bread?

Correct answer:

a =  84.4 kg
b =  118.5 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

r1=10075=43=0.75 r2=44.5=89=1.125 r=r1 r2=43 89=4 83 9=32270.8438  m1=100 kg  a=m1 r=100 3227=32100 27=322700=8675 kg=84.4 kg
m2=100 kg r3=1/r=1/3227=1:3227=1 2732=271 32=27321.1852 b=r3 m2=2732 100=2732 100=273200=273200 kg=118.5 kg

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