Laboratory 40191

Laboratory assistant Eva is to prepare 0.5 liters of 30% sulfuric acid. It has 60% and 15% sulfuric acid ready. How many of which will he use in the solution?

Correct answer:

a =  0.1667 l
b =  0.3333 l

Step-by-step explanation:

V=0.5 l p=30%=10030=0.3 p1=60%=10060=0.6 p2=15%=10015=0.15  a+b=V p1 a+p2 b=p V a+b=0.5 0.6 a+0.15 b=0.3 0.5  a+b=0.5 0.6a+0.15b=0.15  a=610.166667 l b=310.333333

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