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From point A to point C, an educational trail passes through point B and a red tourist sign; see the picture. In addition, an undrawn abbreviation 1500 meters long, starting at A and ending on the nature trail, can be used. Vojtech found that
• the trip from A along the red to C and along the nature trail back to A is 7700 meters long,
• the trip from B along the nature trail to C and then along the red to A is 5800 meters long,
• using the abbreviation, the road from A to B is 1700 meters long,
• the trip from A along the nature trail to C and back to A, first on the nature trail and then along the shortcut, is 8800 meters long.

Determine the length of the nature trail from A to C. If the assignment allows for more than one answer, list all of them

Correct answer:

x =  4500 m

Step-by-step explanation:

x=4500=4500 m

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