Rectangular 4184

The rectangular plot has sides 20m and 28m long. Calculate the area of the rhizome and find out how long the longer side of the plot with the same area must be if the shorter side is 16 meters long. Also, calculate the length of the fence around each rhizome.

Correct answer:

S =  560 m2
d =  35 m
o1 =  96 m
o2 =  102 m

Step-by-step explanation:

a=20 m b=28 m S=a b=20 28=560 m2
c=16 m d=S/c=560/16=35 m
o1=2 (a+b)=2 (20+28)=96 m
o2=2 (c+d)=2 (16+35)=102 m

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