The plant has three workshops. In the first workshop, produce five products/hour. In the second 8 products/hour, and in the third, seven products/hour. In the first workshop, they produced 240 products. In the second 400 and the third 350 products. Find the average hourly productivity of one workshop in the entire plant.

Correct answer:

h =  6.6892 1/h

Step-by-step explanation:

a=5 1/h b=8 1/h c=7 1/h  max=a+b+c=5+8+7=20 1/h  n1=240 n2=400 n3=350  t1=n1/a=240/5=48 h t2=n2/b=400/8=50 h t3=n3/c=350/7=50 h  h=t1+t2+t3n1+n2+n3=48+50+50240+400+350=74495 1/h=6.6892 1/h

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