Probability 4665

We have three series of products. We select one product for quality control. Determine the probability of finding a low-quality product if the first batch contains 2/3, the second batch 7/9, and the third batch 3/4 quality products.

Correct answer:

p =  0.2716763

Step-by-step explanation:

p1=2/3=320.6667 p2=7/9=970.7778 p3=3/4=43=0.75 p4=3/(1/p1+1/p2+1/p3)=3/(1/0.6667+1/0.7778+1/0.75)=1731260.7283  p5=(p1+p2+p3)/3=(0.6667+0.7778+0.75)/3=108790.7315 p6=1p5=10.7315=108290.2685 p=1p4=10.7283=0.2716763

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