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You have a test with eight questions, where you can choose from 3 answers for each question, and one answer is always correct. The probability that we answer 5 or 6 questions correctly when randomly filling in (that is, we all guess the answers) is ……. The average number of correctly guessed questions is ……. . (The quantity has a Binomial distribution of Bi, and the parameters are: the number of questions and probability that I will answer correctly).

Correct answer:

p =  0.0384

Step-by-step explanation:

C5(7)=(57)=5!(75)!7!=2176=21 p1=1/3=310.3333 p2=1p1=10.3333=320.6667 p=(815) p15 p286=(815) 0.33335 0.666786=0.0384

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