The teacher prepared a test with ten questions. The student can choose one correct answer from the four (A, B, C, D). The student did not get a written exam at all. What is the probability that:

a) He answers half correctly.
b) He answers all correctly.
c) He does not answer either one answer correctly.

Correct answer:

a =  0.0584
b =  0
c =  0.0563

Step-by-step explanation:

C5(10)=(510)=5!(105)!10!=54321109876=252 p=1/4=41=0.25 q=1p=10.25=43=0.75 n=10 n1=n/2=10/2=5 a=(n1n) pn1 qnn1=252 0.255 0.75105=0.0584
C10(10)=(1010)=10!(1010)!10!=11=1 b=(nn) pn qnn=1 0.2510 0.751010=0
C0(10)=(010)=0!(100)!10!=11=1 c=(0n) p0 qn0=1 0.250 0.75100=0.0563

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