What are 3

What are the two digits that, when inserted in the blank spaces, will make 234 _ _ divisible by 8?

Correct answer:

a1 : a1=00
a2 : a2=08
a3 : a3=16
a4 : a4=24
a5 : a5=32
a6 : a6=40
a7 : a7=48
a8 : a8=56
a9 : a9=64
a10 : a10=72
a11 : a11=80
a12 : a12=88
a13 : a13=96

Step-by-step explanation:

d1=23400/8=2925 a1:a1=00
d2=23408/8=2926 a2:a2=08
d3=23416/8=2927 a3:a3=16
d4=23424/8=2928 a4:a4=24
d5=23432/8=2929 a5:a5=32
d6=23440/8=2930 a6:a6=40
d7=23448/8=2931 a7:a7=48
d8=23456/8=2932 a8:a8=56
d9=23464/8=2933 a9:a9=64
d10=23472/8=2934 a10:a10=72
d11=23480/8=2935 a11:a11=80
d12=23488/8=2936 a12:a12=88
d13=23496/8=2937 a13:a13=96

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Dr Math
Any two digit number which is divisible by 8 will work here because the number before them (fours=4) is even. Generally  last three digit must be divisible by 8.

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