Probability 59493

Determine the probability of a random event out of 10 randomly selected bridge cards. There will be at least three aces. Note This is a team game, with 52 cards in the deck, of which four aces.

Correct answer:

p =  0.0194

Step-by-step explanation:

C7(48)=(748)=7!(487)!48!=765432148474645444342=73629072 C6(48)=(648)=6!(486)!48!=654321484746454443=12271512  C3(4)=(34)=3!(43)!4!=14=4  C10(52)=(1052)=10!(5210)!52!=15820024220  p3=(1052)(34) (103524)=158200242204 (103524)=77351440.0186 C4(4)=(44)=4!(44)!4!=11=1  p4=(1052)(44) (104524)=158200242201 (104524)=773560.0008 p=p3+p4=0.0186+0.0008=154730=0.0194

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