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The courier brought four packages to the company that weighed 3.5 kg, 2 1/5 kg, 3/4 kg, and 250 g. How much did all the packages weigh together? Give the result in kilograms and write it as a decimal number.

Correct answer:

m =  6 710 = 67/10 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

a=3.5 kg b=251=2+51=52 5+1=510+1=511=2.2 c=3/4=43=0.75 kg d=250 g kg=250:1000  kg=0.25 kg  m=a+b+c+d=3.5+2.2+0.75+0.25=1067 kg=6107 kg=6.7 kg

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