Three examples per-mille

A. Calculate 1.5 ‰ from 4.5 liters of blood. Express the result in milliliters.
B. Calculate three ‰ from € 50,000.
C. The tray they brought breakfast to the landlord's bed is made of an alloy that contains 830 ‰ of silver. How much silver did they use on it if the tray weighed 390 g?

Correct result:

a =  6.75 ml
b =  150
c =  323.7 g


V=4.5 lml=4.5 1000 ml=4500 ml q1=1.5=1.51000=0.0015 a=q1 V=0.0015 4500=274=6.75 mlV=4.5 \ l \rightarrow ml=4.5 \cdot \ 1000 \ ml=4500 \ ml \ \\ q_{1}=1.5 ‰=\dfrac{ 1.5 }{ 1000 }=0.0015 \ \\ a=q_{1} \cdot \ V=0.0015 \cdot \ 4500=\dfrac{ 27 }{ 4 }=6.75 \ \text{ml}
q2=3=31000=0.003 b=q2 50000=0.003 50000=150 Eurq_{2}=3 ‰=\dfrac{ 3 }{ 1000 }=0.003 \ \\ b=q_{2} \cdot \ 50000=0.003 \cdot \ 50000=150 \ \text{Eur}
q3=830=8301000=0.83 m3=390 g c=q3 m3=0.83 390=323710=323.7 gq_{3}=830 ‰=\dfrac{ 830 }{ 1000 }=0.83 \ \\ m_{3}=390 \ \text{g} \ \\ c=q_{3} \cdot \ m_{3}=0.83 \cdot \ 390=\dfrac{ 3237 }{ 10 }=323.7 \ \text{g}

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