Castle Museum

A large number of medieval cannons made of cannon were found in the Castle Museum (cannon is an alloy of tin and copper in a ratio of 1: 9). The councilors agreed that they did not need cannons, but a new bell would be thrown at the town tower. The bells are made of bells, which is also an alloy of tin and copper, but in a ratio of 1: 4. Calculate how much cannon and how much tin will be needed to produce a 500 kg bell made of bells.

Correct answer:

d =  444.4444 kg
s =  55.5556 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

m=500 kg  CU=1+44 m=1+44 500=400 kg  CU=1+99 d  d=910 CU=910 400=94000 kg=444.4444 kg
s=md=500444.4444=950055.5556 kg   Verifying Solution:  s1=1+91 d=1+91 444.4444=940044.4444 kg  p1=s1:CU=44.4444:400=910.1111=1:9  p2=(s1+s):CU=(44.4444+55.5556):400=41=0.25=1:4

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