Quartile statistics

Use the following data which was obtained from a study of weights of adult men to answer problems:

Mean 192 lb First quartile 178lb
Median 185lb Third quartile 232 lb
Mode 180 lb 86th percentile 239 lb
Standard Deviation 23lb

a) What is the most common weight?
b) What weight did half of those surveyed exceed?
c) About what percent of those surveyed weighed more than 232lb?
d) About what percent of those surveyed weighed less than 178 lb?
e) About what percent of those surveyed weighed more than 239lb?
f) If 100 men were surveyed, what is the total weight of all the men?
g) What weight represent two standard deviations above the mean?
h) What weight represent 1.8 standard deviations below the mean?

Correct answer:

a =  180 lb
b =  185 lb
c =  25 %
d =  25 %
e =  14 %
f =  19200 lb
g =  238 lb
h =  150.6 lb

Step-by-step explanation:

μ=192 lb σ=23 lb a=mode a=180=180 lb
b=Median b=185=185 lb
x>Q3 c=10075=25%
x<Q1 d=25=25%
x>p86 e=10086=14%
f=100 μ=100 192=19200 lb
g=μ+2 σ=192+2 23=238 lb
h=μ1.8 σ=1921.8 23=150.6 lb

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