Z-score calc

What is the Z Score for the following numbers:

X is 16, and data for the population mean, and the standard deviation is 196, 193, 79, 30, 29, 81, 25, 21, 164

Level of difficulty = 2 of 2
Please format it to 2 decimal places.

Correct answer:

z =  -1.01

Step-by-step explanation:

X=16 s=196+193+79+30+29+81+25+21+164=818 n=9  μ=s/n=818/9=9818=909890.8889 r=(196μ)2+(193μ)2+(79μ)2+(30μ)2+(29μ)2+(81μ)2+(25μ)2+(21μ)2+(164μ)2=(19690.8889)2+(19390.8889)2+(7990.8889)2+(3090.8889)2+(2990.8889)2+(8190.8889)2+(2590.8889)2+(2190.8889)2+(16490.8889)2=9394406=438229843822.8889  σ=r/(n1)=43822.8889/(91)74.0126  z=σXμ=74.01261690.8889=1.01

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