Calculate standard deviation for file:


Correct answer:

s =  7.6561
s1 =  7.8917

Step-by-step explanation:

n=17  m=(63+65+68+69+69+72+75+76+77+79+79+80+82+83+84+88+90)/n=(63+65+68+69+69+72+75+76+77+79+79+80+82+83+84+88+90)/17=129917=7671776.4118  a1=(63m)2=(6376.4118)2179.8754 a2=a1+(65m)2=179.8754+(6576.4118)2310.1038 a3=a2+(68m)2=310.1038+(6876.4118)2380.8616 a4=a3+(69m)2=380.8616+(6976.4118)2435.7958 a5=a4+(69m)2=435.7958+(6976.4118)2490.7301 a6=a5+(72m)2=490.7301+(7276.4118)2510.1938 a7=a6+(75m)2=510.1938+(7576.4118)2512.1869 a8=a7+(76m)2=512.1869+(7676.4118)2512.3564 a9=a8+(79m)2=512.3564+(7976.4118)2519.0554 a10=a9+(79m)2=519.0554+(7976.4118)2525.7543 a11=a10+(79m)2=525.7543+(7976.4118)2532.4533 a12=a11+(80m)2=532.4533+(8076.4118)2545.3287 a13=a12+(82m)2=545.3287+(8276.4118)2576.5571 a14=a13+(83m)2=576.5571+(8376.4118)2619.9619 a15=a14+(84m)2=619.9619+(8476.4118)2677.5433 a16=a15+(88m)2=677.5433+(8876.4118)2811.8304 a17=a16+(90m)2=811.8304+(9076.4118)2=1694017=996817996.4706  s=a17/n=996.4706/17=7.6561

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Dr Math
See also our standard deviation calculator for this case:

Statistical file:
{63, 65, 68, 69, 69, 72, 75, 76, 77, 79, 79, 80, 82, 83, 84, 88, 90}

Standard deviation σ=7.63165870128
Corrected sample standard deviation s=7.86653373101


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