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1 kg of white tea costs CZK 1,800. 1 kg of green tea costs CZK 1,200. It determines how many grams of white and green tea will be contained in a package of Buddha's mixture if it weighs 50g and costs CZK 65.

Correct answer:

x =  8.3333 g
y =  41.6667 g

Step-by-step explanation:

a=1800/1000=59=1.8 Kc/g b=1200/1000=56=1.2 Kc/g m=50 g c=65/m=65/50=1013=1.3 Kc/g  a x+b y=m c x+y=m 1.8 x+1.2 y=50 1.3 x+y=50  1.8x+1.2y=65 x+y=50  Row21.81 Row1Row2 1.8x+1.2y=65 0.33y=13.89  y=0.3333333313.88888889=41.66666667 x=1.8651.2y=1.8651.2 41.66666667=8.33333333=8.3333 g  x=3258.333333 y=312541.666667

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