True or false?

Which of the following is true?

A three and three ninths plus seven and six elevenths equals ten and eighty seven ninety ninths
B two and three eighths plus six and four fifths equals eight and twelve fourtieths
C three and three sevenths plus four and two thirds equals seven and two twenty ones
D four and five sixths plus five sevenths equals nine and ten thirteenths






Step-by-step explanation:

a1=3+93+7+116=33359=10332910.8788 a2=109987=10+9987=9910 99+87=991077=33359=10332910.8788 a1=a2  A=1
b1=283+654=9.175 b2=81412=8+1412=148 14+12=14124=762=8768.8571 b1=b2  B=0
c1=373+4328.0952 c2=7212=7+212=217 21+2=211497.0952 c1=c2 C=0
d1=465+75=42233=542235.5476 d2=91310=9+1310=139 13+10=131279.7692 d1=d2 D=0

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The eighth-grade goal is ½ of the sixth-grade goal.


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